10 Inner-City Locations For Wedding Portraits In Melbourne

Many couples ask me about the best hidden wedding photoshoot spots in Melbourne. They want to find gorgeous locations in the city to take photos after the ceremony and before the reception.

As a Melbourne local, I know the city well, and I’m always exploring new areas I can use for weddings. There are plenty of unique wedding photo locations in Melbourne, but it all depends on the look and feel of your preferred photo style, along with the location of your wedding (you won’t want to travel too far!).

On your wedding day, I find it works best to have a bit of an idea of where we’ll go for portraits, so there’s no wasting time on the day. Have said that it also pays to play it by ear a little as sometimes we’ll need to take into account the weather and how much time we have.

To give you some inspiration, here are 10 of the best secret inner-city locations for wedding portraits in Melbourne.

1. Fitzroy Gardens

One of my favourite locations for wedding portraits in Melbourne has to be Fitzroy Gardens, since it gives us so many options. The conservatory is a gorgeous spot, both inside and out, with stunning paned glass and colourful blooms.

The gardens also give us beautiful rows of trees, lush green spaces and structures like the Old Bandstand that make for perfect photo spots. It’s gorgeous year-round too, so we can utilise the space even in the winter months.

2. Treasury Gardens

Just across the road from Fitzroy Gardens is Treasury Gardens, another top wedding photo location. It has a beautiful cityscape in the background and is one of the oldest public gardens in Victoria.

The tall, mature trees of the park create an amazing tunnel effect that we can use for portraits and there’s a lovely fountain we can use as well. Treasury Gardens really sparkle in both spring and autumn, with brightly coloured leaves all around us.

3. Collins Street

I’m often asked by clients, ‘Where can I take wedding pictures in Melbourne?’. Another top recommendation of mine is Collins Street.

It’s a great spot for cityscape photography, with plenty of clean, white buildings and boutique shops. There’s a lovely mix of heritage and modern buildings too, giving us plenty of variety. We can get some killer shots in both the daytime and evening, as the street comes to life after dark.

4. A Boutique Bar

One thing I love doing is taking my couples for a quick pit stop and champagne at a nearby bar. We can relax, catch our breath, and process the excitement of the big day, but we can also get some beautiful, candid photos of the two of you together.

Many of my coupels say this is the highlight of their day as they get to spend a moment taking everything in and having a quite moments to share with their partner.

5. Collingwood

If your wedding venue is in Collingwood, we can stroll down Gore Street for some spectacular photo ops. I absolutely love traditional terraces and homes rich in character, and we’ll find plenty of those here.

Gore Street is a dream for beautiful, soft-coloured backgrounds, and it’s also home to street art, industrial scenes, and beautiful brick walls.

6. Old Treasury Building

For an elegant, heritage vibe, let’s snap some shots at the Old Treasury Building. This stately building, built in the 1850s, has impressive stonework and sweeping stairs, and is an icon of the city.

The cream colour of the exterior looks so soft and pretty in photos, so it works really well for wedding shots. I love taking shots looking back towards the city, giving us a lovely cityscape in the background.

7. The Tan

The Tan Track might be popular with runners, but it also makes for a fantastic wedding photo location. The wide track, lined with tall, leafy trees, is an awesome spot that not many others think to use for wedding photography.

The nearby Morell Bridge is a great spot too, as this arched bridge over the Yarra makes a gorgeous photo backdrop, especially in the evening or at the golden hour. We’ll have to watch out for the joggers, but that’s part of the fun!

8. Entrecote, South Yarra

In South Yarra, I completely love Entrecote. This cute little French restaurant looks like it was just made for wedding photos and they’re always happy for us to get some photos in front.

Alternatively, we can pop inside for a quick drink, as the interior is just as impressive as the exterior. The food is fantastic as well, so it’s worth coming back to enjoy a meal!

9. Industrial Vibes in North Melbourne

A massively popular wedding venue in Melbourne’s north is Two Ton Max, a warehouse space that can be customized exactly to your liking. I can point out some of the best streets around the venue, as there are lots of industrial spots that make for stylish and fun photo backdrops.

We don’t need to go far to find neutral coloured walls, exposed brick and chic industrial vibes.

10. Fitzroy

For a wedding in Fitzroy, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding photo locations. With so many cobblestoned streets, manicured terrace homes, and boutique restaurants, I could easily spend all day shooting in Fitzroy!

The funky atmosphere and personality of the area really captures well on film. We can also pop over the road to take some shots in Edinburgh Gardens – I love the white rotunda and the beautiful tall trees.

Which of these Melbourne wedding photo locations most appeals to you? We have so many options, so it can be tough to decide. I’m happy to have a chat with you about your preferred photo style and vision, recommending the photo locations that would best suit your gorgeous wedding. I can’t wait to work with you and help create lasting memories of your special day!