7 Reasons I Love Winter Weddings In Victoria

Love is in the air – but so is that beautiful wintry chill! Not many couples consider winter weddings in Melbourne, but this is actually one of the best times to get married. The cool, crisp air, dramatic lighting, cosy fireplaces and wine – what’s not to like? 

I really love the idea of a winter wedding, and I often recommend it to couples who are looking for something a little different for their big day. There’s really no best time to get married in Melbourne, as every season brings its own benefits – it all comes down to your personal preferences. But if you haven’t yet considered the cooler months of June, July or August, you should! 

So, what are the advantages of a winter wedding? And how do you make a winter wedding special? Here’s everything you need to know about planning a winter wedding in Melbourne or regional Victoria. 

1. The lighting is just amazing

One incredible thing about a winter wedding is the lighting – it’s soft, gentle and golden. This makes it just perfect for wedding photos! Sunset in winter in Melbourne is around 5 pm, which means you’ll likely be having photos at golden hour. It’s an ideal time for taking couples’ portraits between your ceremony and reception.

The best time to get married in Melbourne in winter is in the afternoon, but don’t plan your ceremony too late in the day, or you might miss the best light. Don’t worry, though – your photographer can help you with the timing. We’ll make sure your wedding timeline covers everything from the getting-ready moments to the evening photos. 

2. Winter wedding fashion

We can’t talk about winter weddings without talking about the dress! Wedding dresses (and tuxedos) can be hot to wear, and a full gown or lace dress in the summer months can be sweltering. If you don’t love the heat, you’ll feel far more comfortable and relaxed with a winter wedding. 

Winter wedding fashion is timeless and elegant, and the colder weather gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Long sleeves, capes, stoles, velvet… Winter opens up so many options!

3. A winter wedding in Victoria brings potential savings

Weddings are a big investment. Many couples are surprised in the initial stages of wedding planning to find out how expensive some of the more popular wedding venues can be.

I recently got married myself, so I can completely relate to this! I’m always glad to help my couples save money where they can. And here’s one tip you might appreciate: the off-peak wedding season in Australia can be a lot cheaper. Some wedding venues will offer a small discount in the winter months since the demand is lower.

If you’re willing to consider a weekday wedding, this can help your budget too. 

4. Winter flowers are rich and beautiful 

Another beautiful element of winter weddings is the flowers. The cooler season brings us rich, moody tones that make for striking bouquets and centrepieces. 

Poppies, dahlias and tulips are just a few of the gorgeous blooms your florist can use in the winter months. Winter roses, lily of the valley and snowdrops are great options too. Chat to your florist – they’ll give you some suggestions about what sort of amazing bouquet they could design for a winter wedding. 

There are a few Melbourne wedding florists that I recommend highly – all of which can create the winter wonderland bouquet of your dreams!

5. Your guests will love it

Is winter a good time to get married? Yes, because here’s one thing you might not have thought of: your guests will love it! 

Winter tends to be a quiet time of the year in Australia, without many big events or holidays. By planning a winter wedding, you’re giving your friends and family something exciting to look forward to! 

Unlike in summer, where school holidays and Christmas make life pretty hectic, winter is much more relaxed. If you’re struggling to find a wedding date that works for everyone special in your life, winter can be a top choice. 

6. Weather is less of an issue

With a July or August wedding, you can stress less about the weather. Your ceremony and reception are likely to be inside, so no matter how cold it might be outside, you and your guests will be snug as a bug indoors, enjoying the warmth.

Heavy rain is rare in Melbourne in winter, but even if there are a few showers, don’t worry! Rain can be beautifully moody, which we can use to our advantage when taking wedding photos. 

One of my tips for planning a winter wedding is to just embrace the weather and make it part of the day. You know it’s likely to be cold, so why not book a reception venue with a fireplace and offer your guests mulled wine on arrival? So cosy and romantic!

7. Europe, here we come!

Dreaming of a European getaway? Aren’t we all. But if you’re set on Europe for your honeymoon, it’s worth considering that their seasons are opposite from ours. If you get married in summer here, you’ll be heading to Europe in winter – still lovely, but not ideal for sunbathing by Lake Como or swimming in Spain.

By getting married in the Australian winter, you’ll align with European summer. There’s nothing nicer than a warm summer breeze in the Mediterranean – trading the cold of Melbourne for the long summer nights of Santorini sounds pretty good to me! 

I hope this guide has helped you think more positively about winter weddings. If you have any questions about how winter lighting might impact your wedding photos, I’m very glad to talk you through the process! I really love shooting weddings in the winter and will help you make the most out of even the shortest days.